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We are specialists in our job:

our mission is designing and managing VET courses, as well as providing guidance tutoring services.  We use our services as instruments to promote social inclusion and professional and civic growth through work, as well as supporting local economies and labour organizations development.

In Veneto Region, thanks to the renovation of its organisational structure, ENAIP is constantly able to re-elaborate its training services, complying with its precise choice to promote innovation, development and social relations.

ENAIP Veneto is really focused on analysing critically all the main factors influencing change and adjust its actions considering:

  • the transformation of civil society, activating training services focused on the growth of open and responsible citizens, able to leave their impact on their environment and operate with adequate skills;
  • the transformation of labour policies, offering learning paths aiming to enhance the human potential and promoting entrepreneurship;
  • the transformation of social policies, activating a model of social pedagogy through positive actions to promote active and social citizenship rights, focusing on disadvantaged socio-economic situations;
  • the transformation of training and education policies, re-qualifying training with actions and services that can combine how to learn, how to be and how to do.