VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence


In 2015 EVTA (European Vocational Training Association), launched an initiative to promote VET through improving the training delivery, and thus to boost employability of people. In this framework, quality and innovation are assumed as keys for VET systems ameliorations.

The concept of "quality" is not static, is not absolute, but evolves along adapting to changing market and customer needs and is relative to marketing aims.  There is plenty of literature, standards and reference bodies as for quality is regarded in general terms. As far as education and training activities are concerned, the analysis of quality mainly refers to "services" rather than "products". 

EVTA Policy on Quality Label

Supported by the Erasmus+ programme, the EVTA idea of a VET Quality Label is based on the dissemination of a shared standard of excellence and on the analysis of social utility of VET, considered as the two pillars of our policy.


The approach to the “Quality label” idea should adopt and develop the concept of “VET Centre of Excellence” as a place were professionally effective, socially relevant, methodologically advanced VET services take systematically place and to explore whatever the reasons that bring peers (VET training associations or centres) stakeholders (decision makers and companies), workers (professionals and teachers) and customers (students) to award a training center as “excellent”. It is a subjective (relative) approach aimed to explore objective (absolute) elements of quality.

Centres of excellence are VET centres under ongoing innovation and with elements of distinction versus the average VET training centre service provisions.  To be considered as a Centre of Excellence, they need to keep pace with technological and innovative changes from different points of view, such as:

  • innovation of centers’ facilities, structural organisation and acquisition of technologies;
  • relationship with the most innovative companies in the field of reference, for trainings and for job placements;
  • updating of related job profiles, curriculum and training programmes;
  • technological, methodological and pedagogical upgrading of trainer


The EVTA initiative on VET Quality Label offers the possibility to training centers to access a catalogue of VET Centres of Excellence, a list of courses and seminars combined with study visits in the EVTA and EVBB centers of excellence.

Enaip takes part in the initiative within the ENAIP NET consortium, involving the following VET centres:

  • ENAIP PIEMONTE (Acqui Terme)
  • ENAIP FVG (Pasian di Prato)
  • ENAIP VENETO (Cittadella and Conegliano)
  • Fondazione Enaip Don Magnani

The catalogue brings together selected VET centres from the following European partners, also members of EVTA and EVBB (European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training):

  • VDAB
  • AFPA
  • IB

For more information, please visit the VET Quality Label for Centres of Excellence’ webpage: